About Us


DESIGNSKART is an ecommerce portal of SPV DESIGNS, a company which ventured into designing, development, trading and exporting of creative products.

It all started with a simple thought, to see to it that people can get aesthetic products from anywhere in India with a single touch. We stand out from the crowd with our innovative and unique range of products. Each day is a strive for our own perfection, each moment is a process of mastering ourselves. We have a pioneering spirit, reinventing ourselves and conquering new markets with each new day.

We remain loyal to our vision of providing creative, unique and high quality products. With so many options, everyone will find what they are looking for. We aim to enrich the lives of our customers through beautiful collection and exceptional shopping experience. We have always known that the best products fit into our customer’s life, not the other way round. Everything we do, from designing to delivery is with our customers in mind. We are with you in every step.

We harness the skills of sophisticated workmen. Each piece of our collection has been individually designed, crafted and perfected by our designers to deliver quality and beauty. We believe that attention to in-depth details is absolutely essential. Each product has a story to narrate. We are driven by a shared desire to move forward together, to contribute our ideas and convection in everything we do.

We don't keep an eye on the latest trends; we just make it. The best way to appreciate DESIGNSKART is to genuinely experience it. It all comes down to one thing- we love what we do.