Introducing a 3D designer doormat which is a blend of style, elegance and inviting. Furnish your floors with a luxury product showcasing impeccable craftsmanship, unparalleled designs and undeniable sophistication.

Now grace your entrance with our artistically designed steel integrated mats. Bring the perfect welcome touch to your doors. Make a style statement with our exquisite products which creates an aura of glamour. Greet your guests with a look that will be carried on to the entire place. Embellish your rooms with an air of opulence. Products that are synonymous with impeccable quality and precision. A well-chosen piece to transmit your personality.

Products whose individuality stands above the rest and transforming the world with style. The quality and durability speaks for themselves. Divine grandeur and sophistication resonates in each Metallic Touch. Product that is unique in its conception, design and production.

Be a new trendsetter in the field of home décor. Each piece is crafted to be a Masterpiece.

Welcome your guests with style.

The Making
The secret of our mats... revealed!

A master’s touch transforms even a dead piece of stone into a live sculpture. And here at SPV Designs, we do the same: transform yarn into abiding works of art that will adorn you home.

With craftsmanship, quality and design at the heart, each Metallic Touch has been meticulously handcrafted to the highest standard using the finest materials. After an exclusive testing period, the mat has been engineered to incorporate both the traditional expertise and modern technology.

We stand out from the crowd with our innovation and unique design. Each piece of our collection has been individually designed, crafted and perfected by our designers to deliver quality and beauty. Each Metallic Touch is moulded and carefully designed with the high cutting edge CNC Technology.

Crafted from the finest rolls of polypropylene which makes the mat soft and silky. The polypropylene also provides a unique palette of color to the mats. The backing of the mat is provided with the rubber which harks back to the perfection and beauty of nature along with giving it an anti-skidding property.

The lustrous stainless steel is forged into the mat with glorious intricacy and delicate blend of finest craftsmanship. The touch of steel transforms the rubber and polypropylene into an extraordinary and luxurious piece of art with mirror finish. The purity of the rubber, the softness of polypropylene, combined with stainless steel creates a delicate contrast of pure sophistication.

The materials are moulded together at a high temperature and pressure. Our collection reciprocates a rare piece of elegance mixed with contemporary design by talented craftsmanship. It’s all about comfort, elegance and individuality. Step into a new fashion era of home décor and explore the best of luxury with splendor.

Moulded For You

Give it a personal touch. Be it your name, your designation or your organization’s name. we can mould and customize it for you, even a single piece.

A perfect gift for your valuable ones.

A product to elevate your style. A new level of expressing yourself.

Make it Yours

Metallic Touch

Metallic Touch


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Metallic Touch-Customized

Metallic Touch Customized
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